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With a vast experience of selling houses, apartments and commercial property, our directors will guide you through every step of what could seem like a daunting experience.


For most instructions, an in-depth free verbal valuation will start the process off. This is arguably the most important part and we will get back to you with our thoughts on price within 24 hours of seeing your property. We will explain our findings and base our valuation on in-depth research and comparisons of recent sales.


We will ensure that all property instructions are available on our innovative website within 24 hours. They will feature eye-catching pictures, floorpans and accurate measurements.

As dictated by you, your property can feature heavily in local publications and social media but we will also pick up the phone to our plethora of contacts to try and find you a suitable buyer and encourage them to view your property.


We will attend viewings as required, give you feedback (always!) and obviously negotiate a deal when the time comes.

The deal

When a deal is struck we will guide you through the process. As directors we are not too important to prepare all of your admin and personally we will prepare and oversee the details of the deal and send them to your advocates so their work can begin.

On a very regular basis we will ensure all is progressing as well as should be, liaising with conveyancing clerks, advocates, banks, surveyors and purchasers to smooth things along.

We will undertake an inventory of the property for the purposes of the preparing the Conditions of Sale.

For more information on our sales rates call us on 07781 108846 or email us at info@maison.gg

Looking to buy?

We will ensure that you are the first to learn of any new properties to the market (including low profile instructions that may not appear on the website) and by registering with us you stand the best possible chance of finding your dream property.

To register with Maison, please call us on 07781 108846 or email us at info@maison.gg or like our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Maison will provide everything you need to let your property and our experience of both the Open and Local Market sectors ensures that you have the best possible chance of renting your property quickly.


We can provide you with an accurate valuation and give you an explanation of what is best for the property. Furnished or unfurnished, sharers or no sharers, standard or larger deposit – these are all questions that we can address for you that will ultimately impact on your decision as to which tenant to choose.


Our picture-led website will best illustrate your property and we guarantee to have your instruction live within 24 hours of taking details. We will include measurements and floorplans.

We will contact our active applicants immediately and also advertise comprehensively in local publications and on social media.

Our connections with established local HR departments and Government bodies will also enhance your chances of finding a perfect tenant.


We will attend viewings as required and  give you feedback (always!).

We will obviously recommend tenants to you as appropriate and also negotiate a deal when the time comes.

The deal

We will prepare all the necessary paperwork at no extra hidden costs and carry out all the necessary pre-tenancy checks. These will include a personal reference, a previous landlord’s reference (where appropriate), financial references including monthly bank statements and an employment contract, credit check and confirmation of housing status.

If the tenant is suitable we will collect the first month’s rent and deposit and also obtain three copies of a signed lease. We are happy to let you use our lease for free if you do not have one.

We will insist that a tenant sets up a standing order and we will then arrange a check in time for the tenant on the agreed start date and carry out a thorough check in process with them, providing all parties with a pictorial and written inventory.

For more information on our rates and Lettings services (Open, Local and Commercial), call one of our directors, or email us on info@maison.gg.


Maison can offer you a bespoke management service on a short-term or long-term basis, tailored to your requirements.  You can be as involved as much as you wish or alternatively you may decide that managing a property is a full time job and best left to us!

Check in

We will meet with your tenants and check them in to the property, offering a comprehensive service including both a pictorial and written inventory, giving your tenants a clear explanation as to how their tenancy will proceed and providing them with a clear understanding of how to contact us if they are in need of any assistance throughout the tenancy.


We will schedule inspections, deal with any problems that arise and offer you access to our vast selection of tradesmen that have proved their reliability in dealing with problems efficiently and professionally.


At the end of the tenancy, we will also perform a checkout procedure that will ensure the property is returned in a suitable state and also manage the return of the deposit to the tenant and deal with any issues.

Unlike other agents, we do not charge for hidden extras and instead provide an all-inclusive package. You will not be charged fees for lease renewals, lease surrender documents or variations, nor will we charge you admin fees or added costs to use our lease in the first place. 
We believe in being transparent.

For more information on our rates and management services (Open, Local and Commercial), call one of our directors, or email us on info@maison.gg.

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