Our values

At Maison, we are proud to be different.

We are, unashamedly, a local estate agent with a focus on Guernsey.

We are dedicated to you, your home, and our island.

We are a local company with local directors that are always available at a time that suits you.

But some things in life don’t need to be corporate and we believe your estate agent is one of them.  Wherever possible we will always support local businesses in Guernsey as we feel we have a responsibility to keep Guernsey thriving. At Maison, we support local charities and community projects and have pledged to share our profits with them.

We aim to make a living not a killing!!

At Maison, we know what you deserve. You are guaranteed a bespoke service, all our experience and value for money and the comfort that you will always deal with a director from start to finish.

We may not have the answer but we’ll find it.  We may not have the time but we will make it.

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