A service so good it is worth talking about

  • 2 years ago

We are delighted to be able to share our good news with you – we now have 20 deals agreed since our launch two months ago and, even more satisfying to know, we are making the right impression with our clients.

One by one we are getting these deals signed up and we are working away to make sure our vendors and landlords are supported throughout this process. It is at this point that our experience is invaluable.

We have been overwhelmed by the feedback that our clients have been giving and we will share their views of our performance in the coming weeks.

More than anything it is the positive reviews and those words of support than mean so much to us. It confirms to us that we made the right decision in launching Maison and underlines that there is a place in the market for our focused agency, dedicated to offering a service that is second to none.

Only a smaller agent can provide the attention to detail that your property deal deserves. We are here to offer every single one of our clients the same value for money and premium service and we will always believe in quality over quantity.

We thrive on communicating with you and keeping you up to date, it is your deal after all, while we also pride ourselves on giving our potential buyers and tenants as much information as we can about the properties that catch their eye. We are always available for you.

We will never lose sight of our relationship with you and you will never be just another file on our desk.

We aim to make a living, not a killing and that is why our fees will always be value for money and competitive compared to our rivals.

If you would like to enjoy the Maison experience then please email us at info@maison.gg.

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