Plenty to smile about

  • 2 years ago

If ever there was a charity that quite literally gave Guernsey people something to smile about then it is the Smile for Georgie Foundation.

This wonderful team embraces the positive impact that random acts of kindness can have on the people of Guernsey and recognises just how important these gestures are to both our mental well-being and our sense of community, upon which Guernsey is built.

Maison is delighted to offer its pledge to share its profits with the charity this year. 

‘So every time we sell or rent a house, not only will we have happy customers, we will, indirectly, put a smile on someone else’s face too,’ said Director Andy Biggins. 

‘In many ways this wonderful charity epitomises all that we stand for so we are delighted to help them when we can.’

The charity has been highly successful in providing a positive contribution to island life in its three years.

‘Just part of the Guernsey-way is our spirit and generosity,’ said Maison Director Sophie Hollowell. ‘Sometimes we lose sight of just how simple it is to make someone’s day and inject a positive into their day and make it one to remember.

‘Kindness is a gift that anyone can afford to give.’

Maison will also support Guernsey Mind in 2022.

‘Given all of the issues that society has faced in the last two years and the uncertainty created by Covid-19, it has never been more important to respect our mental health.
‘We feel our two charities complement each other perfectly and also endorse our own strong feelings on this issue,’ added Andy.

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